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Volterra Fietta- BIICL Internship in Public International Law.

September 2015Volterra Fietta is a team of public international lawyers, combining outstanding academic credentials with the practical experience of seasoned legal professionals. With a top-tier global reputation in both contentious and advisory matters, Volterra Fietta is the only public international law firm in the world.

The British Institute of International and Comparative Law is a legal research charity that has a vibrant and extensive programme of activities in the field of public international law, including research, events and publications. Its research focus is primarily on applied legal research, designed to have practical consequences, establish influential recommendations for decision-makers, and have an impact on law and policy around the world.

This exciting new internship opportunity will be filled by up to four candidates and will last a minimum of six months: three months with BIICL and three months with Volterra Fietta.

Three-month internship with BIICL It is anticipated that the successful applicants will undertake research with BIICL in one or more of the following areas of public international law: international human rights law; business and human rights; economic sanctions; immunities; international humanitarian law; cultural heritage law; treaty law and practice; customary international law in national courts; law of the sea; international environmental law; polar regions (Antarctica and the Arctic); investment treaty law; international adjudication; and international criminal law.

While some knowledge or expertise of candidates in the above areas would be desirable, this opportunity is open to applicants with a broad interest in and knowledge of general public international law. The ideal candidates will have a well-rounded knowledge of public international law so as to be able to contribute effectively to a broad-based research and events programme.

In particular, interns will be expected to assist in:

Developing new research projects in various areas of public international law;

Co-ordinating a series of events in public international law;

Any administrative tasks associated with the above.

Three-month internship with Volterra Fietta Interns at Volterra Fietta are involved in a wide range of public international law work. Interns typically participate in a variety of substantive advisory and dispute resolution matters during their time with us. This includes State-to-State, public international law and investment treaty work. An intern’s work may include legal research, legal drafting and analysis, business development and assistance at international arbitration hearings.

Minimum formal requirements

Level of education: LL.M degree in Public International Law (either completed or to be completed before start of internship; in the latter case, please specify expected completion date of LLM) with a first degree in law. If no first degree in law, the candidate must be qualified to practice law in a jurisdiction.

Work experience: Relevant work experience in public international law. This may include, for example, work experience at an international organisation, international court or tribunal (e.g., the International Court of Justice), State Ministries or in private practice (e.g., in the public international law group of an international law firm).

Research and drafting skills: ability to analyse and draw conclusions in a clear and precise manner; strong ability to conduct research through electronic means and resources. Prior experience in research posts will be considered a benefit.

Language skills: Fluent in English.

Additional skills we would strongly welcome (the relative importance of these will vary from time to time, according to available projects):

Familiarity with the legal systems of the United Kingdom;

Familiarity with the law of the European Union and/or practical knowledge of the workings of the EU institutions, especially in the field of external relations;

Proven ability to work well in a team;

Organisational skills.

Ability to work in multiple languages.

Timing and Availability

Applications will be accepted from 7 – 28 September 2015 with interviews in the week starting 1 October 2015. It is hoped that the first candidates will start before the end of October 2015.

The successful applicants will spend 3 months working at BIICL, with an option to work part-time for at least 3 days per week, or full-time, and 3 months working full-time at Volterra Fietta, for a total internship period of 6 months. While at BIICL, the interns will be required to be available to work for a minimum of 3 days per week for three months and will receive a reimbursement of expenses up to £300 per month. Interns must commit to a full-time role while at Volterra Fietta and will receive payment of £300 per week.

How to Apply

Please email your CV, a brief statement outlining your suitability for the position and why you are interested in it, plus one or two samples of your writing (published or unpublished) to Please include the following information in the body of the email:

Full name and contact details

Current educational status

Areas of interest/expertise

Name and contact details of two academic referees

Availability – state start and end date of availability, and preference for starting in October 2015 or Jan 2016


Applications must be received by email and will be judged on match of skills and ability of the applicant to the work available at the time.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview at BIICL at a mutually convenient time. Following this interview, shortlisted candidates may be invited to attend an interview at Volterra Fietta. The successful candidates will be contacted shortly after completing this second interview.

Both Volterra Fietta and BIICL have high academic standards and expect a serious level of commitment and professionalism from their interns.

For more information, please visit:

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