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About DILS

Dundee International Law Society - DILS - aims to provide a regular opportunity on the beautiful banks of the River Tay for students, researchers, scholars and practitioners to exchange views on public and private international law and other multidisciplinary subjects.

DILS was founded in October of 2013 by Malèna Bruessel and Jacques Hartmann, other founding members included: Erman Özrgür, Ozge Varis Gocke Mete, Simon Burke, David Law and Gemma Grace Johnstone. The inaugral lecture was given by Professor Robin Churchill entitled, "Dispute Settlement in the Law of the Sea" and took place on 5th November 2013. David Law and Gemma Grace Johnstone continued to run the society, together with other members, including over 30 events until September 2016. Gemma ran the social media pages, with over 500 followers around the world, until the new committee took over in September 2019, headed by Abigail Scollins, Jella Huelgo and Katarina Boys.

In October 2019 the society was affiliated with DUSA by the new committee in order to increase its reach within the University. The society has gone on to be nominated for the 'Most Active Society' award by the Students Association.


The Committee

Meet our elected committee for the current academic year!


Morgan James


I am interested in seeing how international law affects the implementation of national and international policies. My interest in international law stems from my interest in politics and the role international law plays on the global stage and in international relations.


Laura Alliaj

Vice President

I wish to develop my understanding in global pressing challenges in the cross-cultural context, because developing an international mindset is crucial in understanding the economic, social and political interconnection between regions.


Maya Shan


As a member of DILS, I am truly passionate about international law. I see it as the playbook for how countries navigate the world stage, protecting rights, and finding solutions without resorting to conflict. My interest in this field stems from a curiosity in how countries interact globally and the legal framework governing international relations.


Lewis Emery


I am interested in how different jurisdictions interact and must function together to succeed in an international undertaking. I look forward to continuing to learn how different legal systems interact in order to tackle global issues such as climate change and the Ukraine conflict.

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