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Terrorism Activities of Nationals Abroad and State Responsibility.

Dr. Khaled Bashir, researcher in international law currently working as a teaching fellow in Arabic at the University of Aberdeen.

Wednesday 11th November 2015 at 5 pm Carnegie Lecture Theatre CEPMLP

We live in an age where ‘terrorist’ groups control large parts of some countries. Many members of these groups are not native to the lands they operate in. For example, thousands of those fighting with ISIL (later ISIS) in Iraq and Syria are foreign nationals. It is given that terrorism is an extremely dangerous crime that affects, adversely, the livelihood of peoples and breaches peace and security across the globe. Thus, states should not be able to evade responsibility for the terror their nationals spread internationally. Conventionally, states could only be held responsible for acts of nationals abroad in a very limited number of cases. However, looking at recent developments ranging from introducing new conventions on terrorism to achieving binding Security Council resolutions, the speaker thinks that the growing responsibility of relevant states is as evident as never before. The talk will introduce a new perspective claiming that responsibility can be attributed to national states for terror activities carried by nationals abroad.

Dr. Khaled Bashir is a researcher in the field of international law, and currently working as a teaching fellow in Arabic at the University of Aberdeen. His work is located at the intersection of international law and Islamic law studies. His Ph.D. is entitled “Al-Shaybānī’s Contribution to the Development of International Law: An Historical and Comparative Study in the Light of the Work of Augustine, Gratian, Aquinas, Vitoria and Grotius.”

His publications include ‘Al-Shaybānī and Amān: Treatment of Foreigners in the Classical Islamic State with Special Focus on Diplomatic Envoys’ in Islam and International Law, in Freick and Muller, eds, (Martinus Nijhoff, July 2013). In 2012 he authored and co-authored reports on several working sessions of the International Law Association’s 75th Conference (including Islamic Law & International Law Committee’s) published in Chinkin, Ward and Nouwen, eds, (International Law Association, London, 2012). In addition, he is a co-author of ‘The Right of Individuals to Take Judicial Action Against International Persons: The Case of NATO’s Intervention in Libya, Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law, Vol 1, Issue 3 (2012).

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