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Energy Sustainability Conference University of Dundee.

30th November 2015, 10.30am – 3pm

Carnegie Building Lecture Theatre

University of Dundee

The organising committee is comprised of graduate students from the Centre for Energy

Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) who run the University of Dundee Chapter of the Students for Sustainable Energy for All network, as part of Global Energy Initiative.

Topics to be discussed

• What is unconventional oil and gas and how are they different from “conventional” ones

• Why everybody is talking about fracking

• What is attitude of local municipal authorities of Scotland towards shale petroleum production from land-use and environmental point of view

• Is there future for fossil fuels and particularly for unconventionals in post-Paris global climate regime.

Outcomes and Opportunities

The attendees will have an increased knowledge and awareness regarding nature of unconventional petroleum and problems their production pose, and will have the opportunity to:

• Assess pros and cons of such production

• Hear real stories about environmental considerations during local planning for use of shale fields

• Discuss implications and opportunities of the “shale revolution” in light of changing climate regime

For more information please follow the link below.


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