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After Paris: Consequences for European Politics and International Security.

“After Paris: Consequences for European Politics and International Security”

A Special Roundtable

Tuesday 24 November, 3.00 – 4.30 pm

Dalhousie 2F14

The tragic events that unfolded in Paris over the last few days have raised several political, social and legal questions. What drives some individuals to commit such actions? How can such atrocities be prevented in future? Was there a failure of the intelligence and security services? How can counter-terrorism policies be reconciled with human rights and fundamental freedoms? What will be the impact of the Paris events on the handling by European states of the current refugee crisis in the Mediterranean? What role for international law and international cooperation in addressing all these challenges?

These are some of the questions, amongst many others, that will be explored at the roundtable.

Roundtable participants:

Dr Patricia Bauer, Lecturer in Politics

Dr Jacques Hartmann, Lecturer in International Law, Dundee Law School

Prof. Christian Kaunert, Professor of International Politics & Director of the European Institute for Security and Justice (EISJ)

Dr Sarah Leonard, Senior Lecturer in Politics

Dr Bert Schweitzer, Lecturer in Politics


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