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Telders International Moot Court Competition

This April four members of DILS will be competing in the Telders International Moot Court Competition. The team will not only be representing Dundee, but Scotland as a whole.

The Telders International Moot Court Competition is one of most prestigious mooting competitions in Europe. It is held annually at the Peace Palace at the International Court of Justice. This years Problem concerned the ever more important Doctrine of Rescuing Nationals Abroad.

The team are currently attempting to fundraise £2,000 to secure their participation in the competition. They have set up an online fundraising campaign, and are hosting several fundraising events at the University of Dundee in order to raise the money. Additionally the team are contacting law firms and legal professionals who might wish to support the Scottish team.

The Telders International Moot Court Competition is a great opportunity not only for the team, but also for the University of Dundee and the Scottish legal community. It represents a chance for the Scottish legal community, as a whole, to demonstrate its expertise.

The team would greatly appreciate it if you would consider sponsoring them for this competition. They would be delighted to publicly acknowledge the support given by you or your firm for any donation received. Perhaps you could consider this as fulfilling part of your Corporate Social Responsibility agenda? Even the smallest contribution would be appreciated.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to get in touch, either the team (, or with Dr Jacques Hartmann ( of the School of Law.

For more information on the Telders Internatioanl Moot Court competition please click here, for the teams crowd-funding page, please click here.


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