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Managing Marine & Maritime Environments & Heritage Past, Present and Future

The transformation of Dundee’s waterfront provides an important context for considering our relationship with the sea. Bringing The Discovery back to Dundee was a major impetus in the city’s regeneration. In Northern Ireland, the commemoration of the sinking of The Titanic was a catalyst in the revitalisation of Belfast, offering important opportunities to link past, present and future ambitions for the city.

This event comprises three lectures designed to bring together students, practitioners and the general public around the management of our marine and maritime resources. The linked activities form part of Town and Regional Planning’s celebrations of 50 years of planning education at Dundee and seek to illustrate how planning thinking and practice are changing to accommodate new societal challenges. The speakers will variously examine society’s complex relationships with the sea and provide an opportunity to discuss how we manage our natural and built environments in sustainable ways, and how we variously value our heritage assets in transforming our city waterfronts.

The event on the 4th of March 2014 will be held at the University of Dundee, in Room 5013 of the Matthew Building.

at 3.10pm – 4pm: Deborah Peel will discuss the Managing of Marine and Maritime Resources

at 4.10pm – 5pm: Jim Claydon lecture on “Planning for Marine Infrastructure: Insights from Practice”

at 6pm – 8pm: Rover Heslip lecture on “Waterfront Regeneration – Belfast’s Waterfront History”

Book tickets at:

More information: marine50print or contact:

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