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‘Jashn-e-Azadi (How we celebrate freedom)’ – Human Rights Film Series

11 October 2018, Matthew 5014, 3 pm

Open to all University of Dundee staff and students

Director: Sanjay Kak

Released: 2007

Languages: English, Urdu, and Kashmiri

Running time: 139 min


“It’s 15th August, India’s Independence day, and the Indian flag ritually goes up at Lal Chowk in the heart of Srinagar, Kashmir. The normally bustling square is eerily empty – a handful of soldiers on parade, some more guarding them, and except for the attendant media crews, no Kashmiris. For more than a decade, such sullen acts of protest have marked 15th August in Kashmir, and this is the point from where Jashn-e-Azadi begins to explore the many meanings of Freedom – of Azadi – in Kashmir.

In India, the real contours of the conflict in Kashmir are invariably buried under the facile depiction of an innocent population, trapped between the Terrorist’s Gun and the Army’s Boot. But after 18 years of a bloody armed struggle, after 60,000 civilians dead (and almost 7,000 enforced disappearances), what really is contained in the sentiment for Azadi-for freedom? Amidst the everyday violence and ever-present fear in Kashmir, there are no easy answers to such questions….

Shot and edited between August 2004-2006 Jashn-e-Azadi engages us with the idea of Azadi in Kashmir. In 2007, as India celebrates it’s 60th anniversary of Independence, this is also a conversation about Freedom in India.” (Source:

The film series is run in conjunction with undergraduate and postgraduate human rights modules, but is open and free to all UoD staff and students.



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