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International law-making on forests: A tale of multiple regimes

Tomorrow, 14 May 2014 at 5 pm, Edinburgh University’s International Law Discussion Group (ILDG) will be welcoming Dr. Annalisa Savaresi, Research Fellow at the Edinburgh Law School. Dr. Savaresi will present “International Law-making on Forests: A Tale of Multiple Regimes”.

This presentation will reflect on “international law-making processes on forests, analysing developments occurred under the climate regime in light of earlier international endeavours”. Dr. Savaresi will argue that “while in principle the climate regime provides an opportunity to undertake concerted international action to address vexed forest governance questions, it has already been affected by shortcomings that undermined earlier law-making efforts. The presentation will provide some evidence to justify this claim, and draw some conclusions on challenges facing international law-making on forests” (full abstract is available here).

For the flyer please click.

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