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Academy of European Law: Summer courses 2020

This summer, the Academy of European Law is offering summer courses in both the Law of the European Union and Human Rights Law. Both courses offer a general course in the area and then five specialised courses, for more details see below.

Law of the European Union:

General Course: The EU’s constitution and European public policies: the law as tool and constraint (Bruno De Witte, Maastricht University and EUI)

Five Specialised Courses:

Revisiting the free movement of persons in EU law (organised by Claire Kilpatrick and Joanne Scott, EUI)

Distinguished Lecturer: Stefaan De Rynck, Senior Advisor to EU, Chief Negotiator for Brexit.

Human Rights Law:

General Course: Reimagining law; Human rights and war (Frédéric Mégret, McGill University)

Five Specialised Courses:

Human rights and conflict resolution (organised by Nehal Bhuta and Rebecca Sutton, Edinburgh Law School)

Distinguished Lecture; Georgette Gagnon, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Applications are open. For more info and to apply visit www/eui/.eu/AEL


Law of the European Union: 22 June- 3 July 2020

Human Rights Law 6 July- 17 July 2020

Application Deadline: 15th April 2020

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