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The International Studies Committee of the Gilbert Murray Trust.

International Studies

THE INTERNATIONAL STUDIES COMMITTEE of the Gilbert Murray Trust seeks to promote the study of the purposes and work of the United Nations with the help of travel scholarships, support for participation in UN-related short courses, conferences and summer schools, help for small personal research projects involving travel, supporting work with international organizations, and new initiatives in funding research which will at once benefit from and promote international collaboration.

Gilbert Murray UN Study Awards offered for 2016

The International Studies Committee of the Gilbert Murray Trust is offering up to 6 UN Study Awards of up to £1000 each for 2016. This Committee promotes the study of the purposes and work of the United Nations.

An applicant for an Award must be studying, or have studied, international relations at an institution of higher education in the United Kingdom. International relations is understood broadly and includes, for example, international law, security studies, peace studies, development studies, and global governance. However, it is essential that applications are relevant to the purposes and work of the United Nations.

An Award is only given to support a specific project (such as a research visit to the headquarters of an international organisation, or to a particular country, or a short course at an institution abroad) which will assist the applicant in his or her study of international relations. It should be emphasised that the UN Study Awards are not intended as general financial support for the study of international affairs.

An applicant for a UN Study Award for 2015 should be not more than 25 years of age on 2 April 2016 but applications will be considered from those who are above this age if they are able to put forward special reasons for their delayed education (such as ill health or lack of means).

Application should be by letter supported by the following documents:

  • a brief curriculum vitae, including date of birth

  • a brief statement of career intentions

  • a clear description of the project for which the Award is sought, with a breakdown of costs and the sources of additional funding, if required

  • an assessment by a person in a position to judge the applicant and his or her suitability for the Award

  • (where relevant) a statement of reasons for delayed education

Applicants are requested to submit five paper copies of the letter of application and the supporting documentation. The deadline for applications is 2 April 2016.

Applications should be submitted to:

Dr Peter Wilson, Honorary Secretary, International Studies Committee of the Gilbert Murray Trust, Department of International Relations, LSE, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE (enquiries to


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