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The Essex Public International Law Lecture Series Opening Lecture by Professor Pierre-Marie Dupuy

Professor Pierre-Marie Dupuy will open the Essex Public International Law Lecture Series 2021-2022 with his lecture 'About the Universality of Public International Law in the Year 2021 and in the Years to Come' on Monday 25th October 6pm BST.

About the lecture:

The purpose of the lecture is to review the situation of international law in terms of its recognized authority at the universal level in an historical perspective, starting in 1945, after the launch of the United Nations. The objective of the conference is to examine the extent to which all the states constituting the international community still believe in international law as a legal order organised around a body of principles and rules with truly universal authority. In particular, the successive phases of evolution will be reviewed, from 1945, after the creation of the United Nations, to the present day, in an attempt to answer the question of whether we are not now witnessing a genuine crisis in the authority of universal international law. If confirmed, the potential consequences of this crisis in the medium and long term will be examined. In this context, the role and social responsibility of scholars and other members of the doctrine analysing public international law will also be considered.

About the speaker:

Professor Pierre-Marie Dupuy is emeritus professor at the University of Paris (Panthéon-Assas). He was also a professor at the European University Institute in Florence from 2000 to 2008 and Professor at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva (2008-2012). Professor Dupuy delivered the General Course of International Law at the Hague Academy of International Law in the year 2000 (Rec. Vol. 297). He was involved in a large number of cases before the International Court of Justice as counsel to States; Professor Dupuy is the author, and, from 2008 onwards, the co-author of the textbook named Précis de Droit International Public (Editions Dalloz) which is now in its 15th edition (1000 pages). Professor Dupuy has been and still is international arbitrator in the field of international investments law for the last 18 years. Professor Dupuy was one of the founding fathers of the European Journal of International Law and a former Director of the Board of Editors of the Revue Générale de Droit International Public. Professor Dupuy was awarded the ASIL Manley Hudson Medal in 2015.

About the Essex Public International Law Series:

The Essex Public International Law lecture series is hosted and co-chaired by Dr Meagan Wong and Dr Emily Jones. This is a weekly lecture series featuring judges of international courts and tribunals, leading academics, and practitioners of international law from governmental service, international organizations, and private practice from across the globe. The series prides itself on building on two important intellectual traditions of international law: formalism and international legal practice, and international legal theory including postcolonial and feminist perspectives. We welcome all students, academics, practitioners, and legal advisors to join us.


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