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Special Screening of Eminent Monsters: A Manual for Modern Torture

On Sunday 16th February, the DCA is showing a screening of Eminent Monsters: A Manual for Modern Torture. The film is showing in select cinemas and is about Dr Ewen Cameron, a Scottish born psychiatrist funded by the CIA and Canada to embark on a dark program of experimentation in the name of psychology. This experimentation included sensory deprivation, forced comas, LSD injections and extreme mental and physical torture. The methods of which have been used in 27 countries around the world.

In this film, director Stephen Bennett shines a new light on the claims of collusion between doctors and the state and exposes the painful legacy left behind by Cameron. The film contains testimony from senior American psychologists, military personnel and key whistle blowers and serves as an urgent call to the international community to right the wrongs of the past from the human torture laboratory in Montreal to the “Hooded Men” of Belfast.

In the summer of 2019, the film was taken to the UN in Geneva and its role in the wider discussion around “The Fault lines Between Psychological Torture and Coercive Interrogation” has catapulted the film to the forefront of the debate around moral responsibilities of the international community.

Date: 16th February

Time: 1.45


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