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Reading Group 2nd Meeting

Venue: Room 3.08, Law School Scrymgeour Building

Friday 6th February @ 11.00 a.m .

Research Methodology in International Law

This is the same topic discussed as at the first meeting however it was felt that the topic warranted further discussion to a wider audience.


  • Michael J. Crotty, The Foundations of Social Research: Meaning and Perspective in the Research Process (SAGE Publications Ltd 1998), pp. 1-17

  • Geoffrey Samuel, ‘Is Law Really a Social Science? A View from Comparative Law’ (2008) 67 The Cambridge Law Journal , pp. 288 – 321.

  • Tamara Hervey, Robert Cryer, Bal Sokhi-Bulley, and Alexandra Bohm, Research Methodologies in EU and International Law (Bloomsbury Publishing 2011), pp. 1-7.

Questions to be discussed:

  • What is methodology and why would anyone need it?

  • Do lawyers need a methodology?

  • What is the purpose of theory in international law?

What is the purpose of the Reading Group?

The aim of the reading group is debate issues of common interest. By reading and debating, we hope to stimulate new thinking and develop a better understanding of international law.

Dundee International Law Society


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