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Melbourne Journal of International Law (‘MJIL’) is now accepting submissions for issue 16(1)

We would like to inform you that the Melbourne Journal of International Law (‘MJIL’) is now accepting submissions for issue 16(1). The submission deadline for 16(1) is 31 January 2015. Issue 16(1) is set for publication in July 2015.

MJIL is seeking submissions on areas of interest in international law. MJIL will also consider submissions that do not necessarily fall neatly into the traditional public/private international law categories, including transnational law issues, domestic court interpretations of international law and submissions that adopt a comparative law approach to analyse international law.

As you are probably aware, MJIL is one of Australia’s premier generalist international law journals and is a peer-reviewed academic journal run through the Melbourne Law School at the University of Melbourne. MJIL’s objective is to facilitate scholarly research and critical discussion of private and public international law issues.


MJIL publishes articles, commentaries, case notes and book reviews. Articles for 16(1) should be in the vicinity of 10,000 to 15,000 words in length and be an original and detailed contribution to international and/or transnational law scholarship. Commentaries should explore recent developments in a specific field and their practical applications, and should be between 5,000 and 8,000 words in length. For more details, please visit our website: <>.

Submission process: All articles, case notes, commentaries and review essays published in MJIL are subjected to a double-blind refereeing process, involving at least two specialists in the field. Once accepted for publication, submissions will then be edited for compliance with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation. Authors have an opportunity to review the final version of the piece prior to publication. Our publication policy can be accessed at <>. All submissions should be sent to in Word format, together with a signed publication policy.


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