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Masterclass: The Impact of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change Litigation

On 9th March, Dundee Law School welcomes The Honourable Justice Brian J Preston. He will deliver a master class to our taught postgraduate and research students.

His masterclass will explore the indirect influences of the Paris Agreement in raising consciousness of climate change and the urgent need to mitigate its causes and adapt to its consequences.

This lecure will focus on four areas.

First, the changes in societal values, norms and customs to which courts are having regard in their interpretation and application of the law.

Second, the increased certainty of relevant factual considerations of anthropogenic climate change, including the causal link between anthropogenic sources of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

Third, the influence on the law on corporate directors’ responsibilities to manage climate risks.

Fourth, litigation relying on the Paris Agreement inspires and influences other litigation around the world, creating ripples spreading across the jurisprudential pond.

This promises to be an interesting and informative session on a very topical area. For more information or to book your free ticket, please visit:


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