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Internship Programme

Working for a Defence Team Defence Counsel practising before the International Tribunal are supported by a range of staff such as investigators, legal assistants and case managers. This is refered to as the Defence Team. In addition, to these staff, Teams also have internships for applicants who are interested in international criminal defence. Two Types: for credit and not for credit

The accredited internship is an internship that provides the intern with academic tutoring as well as practical experience working for a Defence Team. The ADC-ICTY has established internsip partnerships with The University of Leiden, the University of Utrecht, Florida Costal School of Law and the Geneva Academy for IHL and Human Rights. Interested interns should apply through their academic institute. The unaccredited internships allows interns to experience working in international criminal defence but without receiving credit, unless otherwise agreed with their own academic institution. Interns have the option of attending lectures by Defence Counsel practising before the Tribunal about elementary subjects, such as genocide, command responsibility, joint criminal enterprise and jurisprudential developments during our monthly Defence Symposia. Furthemore, field trips to international institutions in The Hague are organised on a regular basis.

Structure and Duration Internships last between 3 and 6 months. It is the experience that 3 months is a minimum period for interns to maximize their learning experience and to be able to contribute substantially to the work of the Team. Although there is no limit to the length of the internship, a 6 month period is a generally accepted period. Internships may commence at any time, in consultation with the Defence Team.

Tasks The tasks that an intern is required to perform may include legal research, witness summaries, witness preparation, factual research, writing legal memoranda, case management tasks and supporting Defence Counsel in their daily work.

The ADC regularly organises intern Defence Symposia, field trips and social activities. Interns also have the possibility of joining the ADC Newsletter Team and the ICTY Intern Career Development Committee.

Profile and Criteria Successful applicants for an internship will have a thorough knowledge of criminal procedure and international law. It is advisable to have knowledge of international humanitarian law and international criminal law. Applicants should be fluent in either English or French. Knowledge of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian would be an asset. In addition, applicants should have good analytical skills, the ability to work in a Team and the ability to safeguard confidential information.

Application Procedure Applicants for the internships should provide all the information requested in the application forms (see link below). The application deadline is approximately two months before the intended start of the internship and applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Applications that are not submitted in accordance with the requirements set out above and mentioned in the application form, are regarded as incomplete and will not be considered for the Programme. Please note that the ADC-ICTY is not able to return any documentation included in the application and will not ‘chase’ candidates for missing documents. Applicants for the accredited internship programme will be approved by the by the academic institutions. Applicants for the unaccredited intern programme will be reviewed by the ADC-ICTY and forwarded to individual Defence Teams for further contact.

Interns interested in joining the ADC Newsletter team and/or the ICTY Career Development Committee should mention this in their application.

Application Form You can find the application form for the internship here: Application Form – Internship

Non-legal Internship The ADC-ICTY also offers a non-legal internship with the Head of Office, lasting for 5 to 6 months on a part-time basis. This comprises of mainly administrative, communication and organisational tasks, such as compiling the ADC newsletter, updating the ADC website, co-ordinating the internship programme and social activities for current interns, organising events and lectures, and supporting the Head of Office in her daily tasks. This internship does not require a legal background. Experience in the field of Communication, Media and Event Management, as well as good coordination and organisation capabilities are an asset. If you are interested in an internship in the Head Office, please specify this on your application.

Questions Should you have any questions, please first review the list of Frequently Asked Questions. This includes contact details should your questions not be answered after having read the FAQ.

Current Vacancies Two Defence teams are looking for experienced full-time interns to start as soon as possible.


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