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Guest Lecture: Delivering water justice in Africa: perspectives from the front line

Date: Friday 25 November, 12pm-1pm. Venue: Lecture Theatre 4, Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee.

Delivering water justice in Africa: perspectives from the front line

Dr George Lugomela, Deputy Director of Water Resources, Government of the United Republic of Tanzania Dr Nick Hepworth, Water Witness International

Tanzania provides a powerful case study for the centrality of sustainable water management for economic and social progress. Economic growth, equitable and peaceful development, the protection of globally important ecosystems will be determined by Tanzania’s ability to effectively implement water policy and law. This lecture brings together two leading practitioners working on this challenge to share their experiences and insights with colleagues in Scotland. The session will explore the challenges and opportunities facing government regulators, and how approaches including social accountability by civil society and private sector engagement can help unlock progress.

Dr Lugomela is on a study visit to Scotland, hosted Water Witness International, who have been working in Tanzania on their Fair Water Futures Initiative supported by the Scottish Government’s Climate Justice Fund. He is keen to visit the University as part of his stay here.

For more on WWI see

After the lecture, there will be a follow-up meeting to explore areas of mutual interest, around water resources management and environmental and water services regulation.


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