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German Law Journal Special Issue – Call for Papers

The Crisis in Ukraine: A Challenge to Foundational Principles of International and Constitutional Law?

The German Law Journal is seeking submissions for a special issue devoted to the international legal, constitutional, and normative-theoretical aspects of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. We encourage submissions that consider the crisis in Ukraine from an interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary perspective, examining the interstices, tensions, and terms of engagement between international law, constitutional law and political theory.

These might include submissions interrogating:

  • interplay between sovereign equality, popular revolution, and regime change

  • relationship of constituent power of the people, non-intervention, and externally imposed or facilitated constitution making  the doctrine of popular sovereignty and demands for federalization in state-building

  • the meaning and usefulness of the principle of self-determination of peoples in post-Cold War conflicts over territorial sovereignty

  • the legal and political reverberations of the unilateral declarations of independence in Kosovo, South Ossetia and Abkhazia in the context of the Russian annexation of Crimea the use, legality and legitimacy of independence referenda in constitutional law and political theory

  • the promise and perils of the vocabulary of state’s or nation’s moral rights to territory

  • the rights of minorities within minorities or hybrid identities in constitution making

  • reform of inter-governmental bodies in light of the great power politics regarding Ukraine

Submissions of 5, 000-10,000 Words // English Language // Deadline – 25 February 2015

Submissions and Questions Dr. Zoran Oklopcic (Special Issue Editor) Global Research Fellow (2014) NYU School of Law; Associate Professor – Carleton University e-mail:

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