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Call for testimonies on the impact that the EU has had on the lives of people in Scotland.

Have you studied or worked in another EU country? Are you from another EU country and have come to live in Scotland? Have you worked for one of the EU institutions? Have you participated in a project or course funded by the EU? Has an EU policy had a profound impact on your life?

The European and External Relations Committee is calling on people living in Scotland to submit short testimonies either in a written or video format on the impact that the EU has had on their lives. This call is being made in the context of the Committee’s wider inquiry work on the implications of EU reform and the EU referendum for Scotland. The purpose is to develop an understanding of what EU membership means for people living in Scotland.

The Committee is interested in hearing from people who live in Scotland about the impact – positive or negative – that the EU has had on their lives at any point since the UK joined the European Economic Community in 1973. We would like to receive first-hand accounts from individuals that provide testimony to the significance of EU membership to Scotland.

How to submit a testimony

You are invited to send your testimony. You are asked to submit no more than 500 words or a two-minute video.

The Committee prefers to receive written submissions electronically and in a form accessible by MS Word. These should be sent to:

When we have received your testimony, we will post it on our blog.

Policy for Handling Written Evidence

Before you submit your written evidence, please ensure that you have read our policy on treatment of written evidence. Written submissions will be handled in accordance with this policy.

You may also submit a video as evidence. This guidance note explains how you can send your evidence to the Committee in a short video.


For details about the Committee’s work on this inquiry please contact Katy Orr, Clerk to the Committee, tel 0131 348 5234 or


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